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The Parables of Jesus Christ Track List

1) Lamp Under a Basket, Matthew, Mark, Luke

2)A Wise Man Builds on Rock and a Foolish Man Builds on Sand, Matthew Luke


3)Unshrunk (New) Cloth on an Old Garment, Matthew, Mark, Luke


4) New Wine in Old Wineskins, Matthew , Mark, Luke

5) The Sower, Matthew, Mark, Luke


6) The Tares (Weeds), Matthew


7) The Mustard Seed, Matthew, Mark, Luke


8) The Leaven, Matthew, Luke


9) The Hidden Treasure, Matthew


10) The Pearl of Great Price, Matthew


11) The Dragnet, Matthew


12) The Lost Sheep, Matthew, Luke


13) The Unforgiving Servant, Matthew


14) The Workers in the Vineyard, Matthew


15) The Two Sons, Matthew


16) The Wicked Vinedressers, Matthew, Mark, Luke


17) The Wedding Feast, Matthew


18) The Fig Tree, Matthew, Mark, Luke


19) The Wise and Foolish Virgins, Matthew


20) The Talents, Matthew


21) The Growing Seed, Mark


22) The Absent Householder, Mark


23) The Creditor and Two Debtors, Luke


24) The Good Samaritan, Luke


25) A Friend in Need, Luke


26) The Rich Fool, Luke


27) The Faithful Servant and the Evil Servant, Luke


28) Faith and Wise Steward, Luke


29) The Barren Fig Tree, Luke


30) The Great Supper, Luke


31) Building a Tower and a King Making War, Luke


32) The Lost Coin, Luke


33) The Lost Son, Luke


34) The Unjust Steward, Luke

35) The Rich Man and Lazarus, Luke


36) Unprofitable Servants, Luke


37) The Persistent Widow, Luke


38) The Pharisee and the Tax Collector, Luke


39) The Minas (Pounds), Luke

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